How to gain authentic followers on Instagram? This is the ultimate resource for businesses


How to gain authentic followers on Instagram This is the ultimate resource for businesses

With more than one billion active users per month, Instagram offers incredible opportunities for emerging brands to connect with their audience and boost sales. However, find out how to attract genuine followers on Instagram for free is not an easy task for companies with a small marketing team. In reality, “not enough human and financial resources” is the most critical challenge businesses face in social marketing through media. In the wake of recent updates on Instagram’s algorithm, Instagram algorithm, companies who rely on shortcut strategies such as the purchase of followers check now through bots, using applications to get free followers such as Top Follow APK or buying them could be inviting greater risk than reward.

Focusing on the correct strategies is crucial if you’re trying to establish a genuine community of followers on Instagram and are tight on time.

How to gain real followers on Instagram

  1. Set clear goals for your Instagram account

“Begin with the end in mind” is among Stephen R. Covey’s seven practices for highly successful people.

Before diving head-first into creating content and strategies, stop and ask yourself some questions. Why do we want to gain more users on Instagram? What will a more significant following mean for us?

Your business may already answer these questions through the setting of clear business goals to achieve, such as:

  • Increase brand awareness by 40 percent by the close of Q2
  • The sales of product X by 20% before the year’s closing.
  • If you aren’t, identifying these critical goals is the top priority.

Whatever your final result’s goal, working backward from that point will ensure that each move you make is taken in the correct direction.

  1. Decide who you would like to communicate with

In their essence, social networks are all about connecting. It’s almost impossible to communicate with individuals you don’t know.

In the first place, most Instagram users are younger than 35, and more than half of them are female. Therefore, the platform offers general demographics for your audience. So try out AllSmo to get more Instagram followers. However, it’s worthwhile to dig for a deeper understanding:

  • Where do they reside
  • What they do with the majority of their day (online or off)
  • What they do at work and during their spare time
  • How do they can communicate
  • What obstacles do they have to overcome?
  • Their motives
  • What do they are looking for

As marketers, it is our responsibility to avoid becoming too busy accumulating fans that we don’t take the time to communicate with them. Make sure you know precisely who you’re trying to get in touch with to figure out ways to connect with them and provide them with what they need.

Also, visit igstoryviewer it allows you to see Instagram stories and download them.

  1. Find out to see what your competitors are doing

Whether you’re new to Instagram or active with the platform for a time, conducting competitor research is an essential element of your plan. Why?

An Instagram competitive analysis will help you:

  • Stay on top of the latest developments
  • You can measure your performance against market
  • Find ways to create a distinct the content

Learn the best (and the number of) hashtags that work best

Being aware of the performance of your competition can be an excellent method to discover what is working (and what does not) and improve your strategy.

  1. Create user-generated content as a top priority in your strategic plan

If you’re looking to increase the organic growth of Instagram, you should make the creation of user-generated content (USG) an absolute priority. UGC is any content, such as social images or reviews and rating videos, etc., created by a person and not by the brand.

What is the reason for making UGC a top priority for strategic planning? Because it’s marketing through word of mouth, that accounts for 6 trillion dollars in annual expenditure. It’s perfect content designed to be shared on social media and has astonishing results, including organic growth in followers.

 One year after launching the UGC initiative, Buffer grew by almost 400%, from 4,250 to 21,000 Instagram followers, and it’s still growing click here

 What can you do to use UGC for Instagram to increase engagement? Here’s an excellent illustration of how Starbucks utilizes UGC to boost engagement:

how to increase the number of followers on Instagram

Instead of merely making announcements about new menu items (oat milk), the coffee brand has repurposed tweets from customers to spread the word, sharing authentic and genuine experiences rather than advertising their products. A significant shift in the way they communicate results in much greater involvement.

What can you do to find (and encourage others to produce) UGC for your brand? There are many strategies you can employ to find UGC.

Find it on the internet

Similar to our Starbucks example, You may be able to discover naturally-generated UGC across other social media platforms on the internet–such as Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Reddit, or product review sites that you could reuse to use on Instagram. Check out your posts tagged or search for your brand using hashtags, or look up the Google reviews for your seller. Your UGC is available. You only need to search for it.

Use a hashtag that is branded

The most efficient method of getting started to get started UGC is to create a brand-name hashtag. River Island, a fashion brand River Island, heavily promotes the hashtag #ImWearingRI. It incorporates the hashtag in all its posts on Instagram, and the perseverance has been paying dividends. The hashtag is now used in 182,000 posts and counting!

 A tip for you: River Island takes its hashtag game one step higher than most brands by showing images of customers (through Bazaarvoice Galleries) with #ImWearingRI on the main pages of their site, converting customers into social followers.

Run a contest

Who doesn’t like free items? It’s true. A well-planned giveaway or contest can be a win-win situation for all. Your audience gets a chance to win giveaways, and you’ll get UGC as a reward. Look over this giveaway illustration by Crate and Barrel:

how to increase the number of followers on Instagram

They aren’t only a fantastic method of generating UGC, and you can utilize them only for the goal of gaining followers. Invite people to tag friends for more exposure and add an explicit call-to-action.

Create a sample campaign

If you’re looking to go beyond social contests, you could create a sample campaign and then send out free items to consumers you want to reach to exchange them for premium UGC.

 We recently conducted three sample campaigns in conjunction with Kraft Heinz, which resulted in 98,000 pieces of UGC and 20,000 reviews with 39 million impressions of social posts from 369,000 and shares and likes. We also received comments from users. Talk about increasing brand awareness!

  1. Make your brand’s content more personal

The fact is, Instagram is a very noisy platform. The number of uploaded videos grows by 80 percent every year. Nearly 1,074 pictures are uploaded each second.

 There are many ways brands can use content to make themselves stand out, but one thing that’s undoubtedly the most successful content that a brand produces isn’t a feeling of coming from a company. It’s unique and relatable. It’s human.

Here are a few tips on how to make your brand look more authentic on Instagram:

  • Create a common visual motif that puts your brand’s style at the forefront
  • Link your visual theme to a coherent storyline that conveys the personality of your brand

Be sure that all content is aligned with the company’s values and promotes them

Recess’s sparkling water brand stands out against its rivals on Instagram because of its distinctive style, color palette, and photos. Recess was launched at the end of the year and has gained over 95,000 users on Instagram.


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