However, The most advanced Digital Marketing , as we know, takes into consideration not so much single actions to be carried out vertically, as a transversality of operations which, by hitting different platforms, concretize a complex and total promotion strategy .

Among the social platforms that most seem to evolve according to the criteria of online marketing there is certainly Instagram .

However, It is certainly worth making a brief comment on the origins and evolution of this social network. Launched in October 2010 and initially only available for iOS, this application is currently also compatible with Android, Windows Phone and Windows Mobile. About six months ago the app was also released for Windows 10 tablets and PCs.

However, Instagram was created with the aim of allowing users to take and publish their photos by applying filters, and to share them on the main social platforms. It also allows geolocation and image tags , uploading of short videos , Instagram Stories , live broadcasts and advertising in close communication with the Facebook Ad management panel (we remind you that Instagram was acquired by the Zuckerberg company. in 2012 for the modest sum of just under a billion dollars).

However, Although it has never lost its visual focus, and still remains the most important image sharing platform – Instagram has, in fact, almost wiped out those who before its arrival on the network were considered real giants. Think for example of Picasa or Flickr – subsequent implementations and an increasingly frequent use in real time by users now make it the ideal vehicle for sharing news and updates in real time . Every communication on Instagram can virtually reach every corner of the globe with a careful and competent use of hashtags .

However, It is therefore not surprising to discover that, for some time now, Instagram has attracted the attention not only of private users but also of companies , small or large.

However, A small note on the figures concerning this app can help us to contextualize the reasons for this interest:

  • 20% : is the percentage of internet users who use Instagram
  • 53% : this is the percentage of Instagram users who follow Brands
  • 49% : it is the percentage of Instagram users who connect to the platform at least once a day
  • 500 million : are the active users every month on Instagram
  • 9 million : active users on Instagram only in Italy

That’s why this social network has become one of the favorite platforms for advertising products and services !

The promotion of brands on this channel works particularly well especially in the United States, where the Fashion sector in particular has been investing for some time: think for example of the Nike brand , one of the most followed ever.

Instagram has seized the ball and published a section totally dedicated to companies, also available in Italian and which you can explore by clicking here .

However, But is a channel like this really good for promoting any type of company? The honest answer is: it depends .

However, There are undoubtedly sectors that find fertile ground on the photographic social network par excellence: in addition to the aforementioned Fashion Industry , we must add Food & Wine , Travel , Hospitality , Design . On the contrary, other companies could find a bleak lack of interest by proposing to users of this platform.

However, To understand if Instagram is the right promotional vehicle for you, you should first ask yourself a series of questions :

  • Is yours a creative sector?
  • Will you have a chance to tell stories?
  • Are you ready to show the human side of your company & able to consistently and continuously create good quality photographic content?
  • Are you available to alternate images of your brand with lighter and more informal moments?
  • Will you have the opportunity to shoot interesting mini-videos, even live?
  • Will you have the time and opportunity to create a conversation calendar and a flexible publication plan? & the availability to intervene and publish on the platform in real time?

If your answer is yes to almost all of these questions, then Instagram could be one of the platforms on which to evaluate an advanced Digital Marketing strategy. If you are unsure about the answers, we invite you to take a look at the top 7 industries that work best on Instagram according to GrowEpic :

  1. Beauty and Fitness
  2. Food and Drink
  3. Shopping
  4. Home and Garden
  5. Arts and Entertainment
  6. Sport
  7. News and Media

Also, Speaking of sub -categories of these core industries, here are the ones that are most successful on the platform:

  • Cosmetics
  • Beauty
  • Skin care
  • Fitness
  • Hair care
  • Body Art
  • Weight loss
  • Cooking and recipes
  • Restaurants
  • Drinks
  • Supermarkets
  • Vegetarians and Vegans
  • Catering

Finally, to close the circle, here are the professional sectors that are less functional for a promotion on Instagram:

  1. Gaming
  2. Computer & Electronics
  3. Internet & Telephony
  4. Science
  5. Finance
  6. Books and Literature

Also, And again, as regards the sub -categories :

  • Roleplaying
  • Card and board games
  • Videogame
  • Programming
  • Graphics and multimedia tools
  • Consumer electronics
  • Software
  • Hardware

However, What do you think? Is Instagram really suitable for the online promotion of your business or not? Talk to us about it. We are waiting for you.

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