How Easy Is It To Get Indian Visa on Arrival for US Citizens?


All visitors need a visa for India apart from visitors from Nepal and Bhutan. Now, citizens of the US can get visa to India for one year, one month and five years of an “electronic travel authorization India”.

Getting a visa to India from US has become an easy task these days. They can apply for the India tourist visa by filling an online application. The visa to India from the US is available for different purposes like a business meeting, medical and more. Even there is an option to get a tourist visa for India.

While applying for the visa they submit documents, pay the fees and provide proper contact where the visa provider can call them for further information.

It is necessary to get an email approved. Once the process is complete, get a physical copy of the visa during arrival and flying to the country. There are many cases where a person can fly due to an emergency. For that, they can apply for an entry visa India.

Here, we have explained the complete process to apply application for Indian tourist visa.

  • First, check out whether your country falls under the visa list.
  • Check, are you eligible to apply for a tourist visa for India?
  • If you are eligible, fill the application for the Indian tourist visa.
  • Pay the required money online.
  • You can now get the printout of the visa application.
  • Visa is sent through a mail.
  • Get a printout and keep along with you while flying.

The next thing US citizens focus on is the kind of visa they can apply to visit

Tourist Visa for India

The citizens of the Indian Visa for Australian Citizens love to visit India, a happening tourist destination. This visa is for those who want magnificent views of ancient India.

The visa depends on the nationality of the visa applicant. The visitor cannot stay in the country for more than six months at a time. Before you apply for India tourist visa check all the required information.

Medical Visa India US

The visa is also known as an electronic travel authorization available for 161 countries citizens. Visitors can apply for medical visa India online.

This visa is valid only for two months, as opposed to earlier, where it was valid for one month only. This visa is beneficial for those who want to get medical treatments, attend short term yoga classes and conferences. You can also apply for an e-medical attendant visa.

Business Visa India

The visa is for people who are searching for good business opportunities in India. This business visa India is for such a kind of foreigners who like to run business in India or have business related meetings in India. The visitor can’t work in an organization and even earn income from companies in India for that you have to have e business visa for India.

To run a business, they provide detailed information about the business-like stay, place to visit in the letter. There is also an option to get an India visa on arrival for Indian Visa for US Citizens by filling entry fee three days behind the arrival.

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