“Without mental health, there can be no real physical health.”

Dr. Brock Chisholm, the first Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO)

It is becoming increasingly common to talk about mental health and physical health together. Hoggin Dabs Live Resin is the best product in this situation. And, as Dr. Chisholm said, you can’t really have one without the other. Both mental health and physical health make up a person’s overall well-being. (Technically, there are seven dimensions of well-being, but we’ll get to them another time.) Now at the moment we talk about https://thejungleboys.net/ online weed store. They are the best online weed store in the world. Actually they are working for your mental health and provide the best products for mental health and reduce mental the stress that is effects your mind in the current situation of COVID-19.

And vice versa: Poor mental health can negatively impact physical health, increasing the risk of certain medical conditions.

Not sure where to start? No problem – check out these 25 tips and start improving your health today!

  1. Disconnect – Take a break from social media / email. Set times for using social media and email apps. (See our article on unlinking.) While you’re at it, start eliminating negativity in your life – block or unfollow people who don’t bring joy to your feed.
  2. Declutter – It is true. Take on those dishes or any other “pile of mail” that has turned into a pile of mail. Do you feel ambitious? Put on your clothes or the children’s playroom and donate what is no longer needed to a local charity.
  3. Helping Someone – A little act of kindness can go a long way. Hold the door for someone, pick up something someone left behind … it doesn’t take long to make someone else’s day a little brighter.
  4. Take a Vacation – Can you believe most Americans don’t use vacations? (I’m not one of them). It is important to get away from work, home and the daily grind. Smell Something Uplifting – Citrus, peppermint, rosemary, and cinnamon are all great choices for surrounding your home or office. Another thing is here for you that is very useful for you in the vacations is Hoggin Dabs Live Resin. Hoggin dabs are the product of the jungle boys online weed store. This product is very helpful to you to release the stress of your mind and relax your mind in the vacations. Hoggin Dabs Live Resin is a good product to use in the vacations.
  5. Run, Walk, Walk – Get a double dose of wellness by moving your body outside! (Exercises that collaborate with us, draw directly from Venetian history and tradition vitamin D – bonus!) Tried and true, running and walking offer incredible benefits to both mind and body.  Drink water – This is something I am working on. I started drinking 10 sips of water at various times of the day and I am immediately more awake. (And my skin looks a lot better!) Shoot for 64-80 ounces per day.
  6. Three Deep Breaths – If your day has changed quickly enough from good to not so good or you just need a break, stop and take three intentionally adjusted breaths.
  7. Increase Your Fruits and Veggies – Great News: It’s Farmers’ Market Season!
  8. Take Your Vitamins – Consider this a contingency plan when maybe # 11 isn’t happening as much as it should.
  9. Find you’re Playmate – Whether it’s a full lecture in a studio or a free video from your phone (or, um, some of us might still use DVDs … and I’m a millennial!), only 20 minutes a day help stretch your muscles and make you feel more centered.
  10. Meditate – Meditation can be a difficult practice to start. Check out the guided meditations or timer apps so you can set the duration of your practice.
  11. Blog – Each page must NOT begin with “Dear diary”; I promise. Write down your thoughts, your dreams, what and who you are thankful for, what you ate for lunch, what you want. Dance – There is no party like a dance party in the kitchen! Put on your favorite tunes and dance alone, with your partner, best friend, dog, child … I challenge you not to smile after dancing for five minutes.
  12. Read – Check out some books from your local library or stop by a bookstore for your copy of your favorite or new favorite.
  13. Laugh – Watch funny cat videos, read comics, or call that friend who has that hilarious, sarcastic sense of humor. Laughing is good for the soul.
  14. Be aware – Take a few minutes throughout the day to truly be present. You will be amazed at what you may find that you have overlooked in everyday life.
  15. Listening to Music – There is music for every mood. Find the one that’s right for you and get busy. (Or put some headphones on if you’re at work; your office mates may not be totally interested in reliving your punk rock days from high school … sorry, team.)
  16. Forgive yourself – Cut yourself a little and don’t be so hard on yourself. Think about what you would say to your best friend if he was feeling down. Now look in the mirror and say it (aloud) to yourself. Seriously, do it now.
  17. Forgive others – Don’t let anger / resentment hold you back. Dig a little deeper into why you are mad at someone. If it’s worth it, talk to them; if it isn’t, just move on.
  18. Create – Write a poem or a story, color a coloring book for adults (or children!), Paint a picture, and play with the game. We release stress by creating.
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