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The term “holographic stickers” refers to the diagonal prism shapes in these labels. The effect it creates on your packaging is iridescent, with a rainbow-like shimmer as a result. These are made of a particular film to allow colors and shades to intermingle. Creating an effect that helps showcase your design. It also gives the impression of your design being multi-dimensional, like some hologram. Security ink is then applied to this material you protect with a laminate coating. Making it more difficult for thieving hands and paws to illegally swipe off your product’s surface once it has been purchased.

When customers look at your product, they can immediately see that it’s authentic by simply looking at the holographic label. These labels using in verifying inlayed components too. You must be aware of the difference between custom stickers holographic and hologram stickers. A security hologram is an optically variable device with serial numbers or logos. They are placed at precise locations on products for the purposes of identifying their authenticity. The best way to ensure our customized packaging is secure from counterfeits is through this advanced technology.

Provide a shining material

It’s essential to think about a clean background when you have something as beautiful as a holographic label. A clean background allows the hologram to stand out and enjoy an unobstructed, three-dimensional effect. That can be your entire label that’s not covered in text or design elements like your company logo. That’s certainly one way to create an eye-catching look from all sides of your container.

It also means leaving areas of your design blank where you can highlight different aspects of the design. So that person taking a closer look will focus on those details first. such as placing secondary techniques just behind or hanging overhead the primary configuration you make with other bottles on the same shelf.

Prevent additional product

The word “holographic” is a bit of a misnomer. Holograms are three-dimensional objects that can display images compounded from different perspectives. In this case, holographic means “having the appearance of being a hologram.” The best way to add dimension to labels that already have a rainbow effect is through laser etching. Laser etching creates two-color products at once: there is the image in full high definition. And then there’s also depth-of-field created by the tonal shading around your vision to create an even greater dimensionality.

Use white ink

While the holographic shine will undoubtedly catch your eye, other details like print options must pop as well. Holographic inks are translucent enough to allow select vitals like text or logos to show through. If you’re not paying attention (and given the halo-like nature of this effect, you don’t want that). As such, we recommend using white ink if needed to lay a solid foundation for specific areas that need to be opaque – for instance, writing or artwork. If you have any spots on your design meant to be opaque during the printing process. Please make sure those areas are clearly outlined in your artwork file via a specifically labeled layer called “white file”!

Adding a laminate or varnish

It would help if you researched before putting holographic material on your product labels. You probably know this by now, but you should never cover up what makes the holographic special. However, adding a laminate or varnish of some kind is a good idea. Because it protects your custom holographic stickers from wear and tears over time and from contaminates like grease and water damage. Of course, you want to make sure that the laminate or varnish you’re applying isn’t going to dull the look of your hologram in any way. Since that would defeat the purpose of putting it on in the first place!

Choose the best holographic labels

The holographic sticker can take a relatively drab product and make it looks like a million bucks. If you are looking for that extra something special to make your cans or bottles pop. Adding holographic material is the best way to go. The key here is to work with the right label printing company to help guide you through the process to get the best possible final result. Holographic products require more time and attention than plain paper-based labeling aside from one extra ingredient, Artwork. We take the time to go over your files with you, so you have a chance to know precisely. What’s going on behind the scenes before your labels print, so there are no surprises.

Provide brand security

Nowadays, numerous brands are considering holographic stickers for security. Especially ways that utilize the ability of these types of stickers to prevent potential counterfeiting by those who would place stickers on their products while taking advantage of unassuming consumers. At the same time, you might want to include a message to your employees or staff inside this kind of sticker. It’s important to remember that a letter to customers can also be placed here. If necessary, to increase the sense of security they feel by knowing their products aren’t fakes. In turn, this serves as a proclamation of what criteria you expect from it. When it comes to creating authentic products on your brand’s behalf and helping you avoid any duplicity.

Brand promotion

Packaging is one of the most important and often overlooked aspects of starting a new business. For some products, stickers may play a vital role because presenting the product to your consumers physically. And eye-catching will help generate gains in interest from customers by catching the attention of other shoppers. If a specific sticker catches someone’s eye who then comes to you and comments on it. There’s a good chance they might come back for more in the future!

Increase brand image

When it comes to selling your product, you want to make a lasting impression. And break the mold from the rest of your competitors. If done correctly, holographic stickers can turn your whole product into an eye-catching masterpiece for potential customers to admire and purchase! But don’t worry about paying a lot for these high-quality stickers. Custom products are available that cost less than their high-end counterparts. So, you can afford them just fine. And with our expertise, we’ll even help create the best designs possible to secure your future in this type of business!

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