Flex Innovations: The Ultimate In Exercise Resistance

Flex Innovations

The QQ Extra 300 by Flex Innovations is a lightweight electric wheelchair with superior performance. For this reason, it is made from lightweight, high-capacity batteries with higher C ratings. It makes it easy to maneuver and carry while on the road. In addition, it can handle a variety of terrains, such as uneven surfaces and small spaces.

QQ Extra 300

The Flex Innovations QQ Extra 300 is a popular quadcopter in G2. The second generation of the QQ Extra 300 features a new Potenza 10 BL (1400kv) motor, coupled with a larger 50A ESC, for more power and punch at hover. You’ll also get a higher top speed with this upgraded quadcopter.

The new QQ Extra 300 G2 has LEDs inside the fuselage to increase its visibility in dark situations. It also includes a new LED controller. It is ideal for sport flying and 3D aerobatics and is compatible with most DX4e/DX5 class transmitters.

The QQ Extra 300G2 is a new, improved version of the original QQ Extra 300. The design team at Flex Innovations has incorporated feedback from customers to improve this high-performance quadcopter. It’s a great choice for both beginner and experienced pilots. The QQ Extra 300 will make flying fun and easy regardless of skill level.

Foam construction

In the early 2000s, Flex Innovations began making airplanes made of foam construction. The company’s first foam-constructed aircraft was the QQ Extra 300. This aircraft introduced the concept of “Super PNP,” which distributes the force generated by the motor over a larger surface area. The result is an aircraft with a high level of precision and performance.


The Flex Innovations Cap 232EX is a lightweight multirotor with a tuned airframe and powerful power plant. This quadcopter offers amazing flight times and is factory preset with Aura 8 version 1.10 firmware, which increases stabilization and reduces bounce back. This quadcopter also connects via USB to a PC, making full adjustment of settings and firmware updates possible.

Flex Innovations is a high-quality company dedicated to providing aircraft with exceptional performance. The company carefully selects model components and tests them to ensure they are in top shape. Moreover, they’ve developed an advanced flight control system, Aura 8, which is compatible with major radio brands. It means that flying your model is an absolute breeze.

The FlexJet G2 has been updated with an enhanced power system and key structural updates to improve its speed and thrust. It also incorporates DS17 servos on the elevators for increased torque. In addition, the model features a Thunderbirds-inspired trim scheme, which sharpens its overall appearance and adds scale appeal to the model.

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