Fingerprints Background Checks – What You Need To Know

Fingerprints Background Checks

In a fingerprint background check, fingerprint data is required to match a person to a criminal record. Nationalpardon is here to help. Today, almost every industry and employer prefers using some form of background check or screening before appointing new employees. Some employers stick to the basic criminal background check whereas other prefer to go for more comprehensive searches such as fingerprinting, live scan fingerprinting Mississauga, drug screening to help them determine whether or not a candidate is the right choice for the position.

Employers that perform such advanced level background checks need their candidates to provide their fingerprints after their selection as job finalists. A candidate gets his or her fingerprints scanned electronically at a police station.

How does a fingerprint background checks?

At some point of your lifetime, the local state or federal government will collect information about you that includes the details of your family, education, housing and criminal records. Using finger prints is one of the ways through which such information is gathered and it is mainly used when you apply for a job or housing. A fingerprint background check is initiated to collect information about a person that is stored in a database. The Federal Bureau of Investigation stores the data in the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System which houses almost 79 million criminal backgrounds.

What does a criminal background check reveal?

The fingerprint database shows you rap sheet consisting of any criminal arrest dates, charges and the disposition of cases. It also contains the basic information about you and your life like your birth date, name address and employment etc.

Often, a simple police report is also linked with these fingerprint data. This could be a vehicle accident, insurance information and statements you made.

Time duration of the entire procedure

The time duration of the entire process ranges from a couple of weeks to even a month. The result is generally sent through mail. You can go for the electronic application method for processing and also have these fingerprints records verified if you want from the FBI. If you have a clean record then you will get a written document confirming the same.

Every state has its own fingerprint background check regulations. Many states specifically demand fingerprint background check for employees working in the education field whereas others make it necessary for candidates to have a state issued identification number showing it has the legal right to ask for such confidential information.

Misconception about fingerprint background checks

In the past, people use to believe that fingerprint background checks were the best ways to obtain information about someone. The scenario has drastically changed and fingerprints are no more the most reliable source of information. This is because when someone goes through a fingerprint background check, they are simply having their prints cross-referenced to their recorded criminal history. In case that person has a criminal background, the organization that has requested the background check will only be informed or notified about it if the crime was filed with his fingertips. Sometimes, certain crimes will not even show up on a fingerprint background check if fingerprints were not taken at the time of the crime. Evidently, there are multiple factors that affect the aptness of the finger print background check, so relying on it completely is certainly not a good idea.

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