Your responsibility does not finish after buying your dream car. You just cannot drive it without having insurance. Just like in other parts of the world, car insurance is also mandatory in Dubai. So, you should know about motor insurance in Dubai to get the best car coverage. PitStopArabia, a motor insurance seller in Dubai, has gathered all the important information to help you better understand car insurance in Dubai in 2024.


First things first, before you think about getting insurance, you need to have the following documents to get insurance of any type in Dubai. Insurance companies ask for all these documents, and you need to submit them.

  • Copy of your driving license.
  • Copy of car’s registration card.
  • Visa copy.
  • Passport’s front-page copy.


Just like you research and compare different car models before purchasing a vehicle, the same needs to be done with buying a car insurance policy. Don’t just opt for the first policy or company you see, do research and find out which insurance companies are offering the best coverage for your vehicle at the best available price.

We recommend that you at least compare between 5 insurance providers in Dubai, if not more and then narrow down your options accordingly by making a comparison. Moreover, don’t forget to check customer reviews of the company, as they will tell you how the company deals with its claim process.


Most auto insurance providers in Dubai normally permit anybody to drive your vehicle. So, if you buy insurance in your name, the policy covers other drivers of the same vehicle. However, there is a requirement. One needs to have a valid driving license to be covered by insurance companies. Moreover, some car insurance companies have age restrictions. If a driver less than 25 years of age gets into an accident, the company might not pay for full damages.


Generally, there are two types of motor insurance in Dubai.

1.    Third-Party Liability

This coverage is the most cost-efficient option available in Dubai. People who want to make their vehicle street-legal can opt for Third Party Liability insurance. This insurance package only pays for the damage caused by you to other vehicles, individuals, and property. However, your insurance company will not cover damages caused to your car, and you will have to pay out of your pocket.

2.    Comprehensive Car Insurance

PitStopArabia recommends car owners opt for this motor insurance in Dubai. Under this insurance policy, your insurance provider pays for all the damages to your vehicle even if you were at fault. It means you don’t have to pay anything out of your own pocket. Furthermore, it offers greater coverage, such as damage to your vehicle caused by fire, theft, hailstorm, and vandalism.


1.    Driving experience and age

If you are a new or young driver, the insurance cost is likely higher than that of an experienced and aged driver. The reason is that less experienced drivers are at a higher risk of getting into accidents. So, they are a high risk for insurance providers. Insurance policies for individuals who are less than 25 years of age are going to be slightly expensive. It is not unique to motor insurance in Dubai alone, as a similar policy is seen worldwide.

2.    Driving Record

The cost of your insurance is greatly affected by your driving record. Insurance companies will charge you more for insurance if you have had accidents or have demerit points on your record. On the other hand, if you have a clean driving record, you can get a discount on your insurance.

3.    Car’s Worth

The more expensive the car, the higher the insurance rate will be. This is because the cost associated with repairing or acquiring spare parts for a luxury vehicle tends to be higher than a normal vehicle.

4.    Year of Manufacture

The cost of insurance tends to be higher for older cars. Because their spare parts have become obsolete, these vehicles are more likely to have issues and get involved more often in an accident. In Dubai, most insurance providers will not give comprehensive insurance if the vehicle is older than ten years.


It is a special discount offered to those drivers who can provide a no claims certificate to the insurance company indicating that they have not received any claim from the insurance company for a certain time. It is a certificate which shows that you haven’t made any claims against your previous or current insurance company, indicating you are a safe driver and are less likely to get involved in an accident.


You need to have a police report to claim your insurance. So, if you get involved in an accident, don’t just walk away; call the police, and obtain a police report. Moreover, you must also inform your insurance company regarding the accident. You should also take pictures on your mobile as proof of an accident.


This sums up everything there is to know about motor insurance in Dubai in 2024. If you still have any questions or wish to add anything, let us know. Lastly, always compare quotes and asks for discounts before finalizing an insurance plan to get the best possible deal.

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