Does Wearing a Wig Prevent Hair Growth

If you’re new to wearing Brazilian closure wigs or are about to buy your first one, you might be wondering, “Does wearing a wig stop hair growth?” We understand why it’s one of the most frequently asked questions among prospective closure wigs wearers. 

Hair is an important part of many people’s identity and a way to express themselves. We understand how important this question is to you if you’ve recently or are currently experiencing hair loss, thinning, or shedding. In this post, we’ll go over whether wearing a wig prevents growth and everything you need to know about encouraging natural hair growth under your Closure wigs to feel confident.

Does Wearing A Wig Prevent Hair Growth?

Wearing body wave closure wigs will not prevent hair growth. However, if the hair beneath your wig isn’t properly protected or cared for, it can cause damage to your hair and stunt its growth. 

Do Wigs Help Your Hair Grow?

Whether you are wearing deep wave closure wigs, Brazilian closure wigs can be an important part of a healthy, protective hair care routine that promotes natural hair growth. Many people choose to wear closure wigs because they protect their hair from damage caused by styling, exposure to the elements, and daily handling.


1. Keep Your Wigs Clean

To keep your scalp and hair as clean as possible, keep your curly, wavy or straight closure wig clean to avoid sweat buildup and extend your wigs lifespan – a win-win situation! Washing a human hair straight closure wig differs from washing a synthetic wig. When it comes to keeping your human hair wigs clean, use a shampoo that is sulfate-free.

2. Minimize Contact Between Your Hair And Your Wig

By reducing bacteria and residue buildup, increasing the gap between your hair and Brazilian closure wigs is an important part of encouraging healthy hair growth under your wig. To eliminate contact between the wig and your natural hair, always wear a wig cap. 

3. Regularly Wash Your Natural Hair

It’s crucial to keep your natural hair clean underneath your deep wave closure wig. Under your wig, it can get hot, causing your scalp to sweat more frequently. The hair under your wig will not be affected by the added heat if you wash it regularly. Furthermore, using a shampoo free of sulfates and parabens can help prevent harmful chemicals from entering your scalp, inhibiting hair growth.

4. Make Sure Your Natural Hair Is Dry

 Make sure your natural hair is completely dry before putting on your Brazilian closure wigs to avoid the growth of unwanted bacteria that can inhibit growth.

5. Massage Your Scalp

Regular scalp massages aid hair growth. So, while shampooing, massage the scalp to increase blood flow, relieve stress, and deliver vital nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicle.

6.Don’t Forget To Moisturize Your Hair

Black women’s hair textures require as much hydration and moisture as possible. Natural hair’s curl pattern makes it difficult for natural scalp oils to travel down the strands, contributing to breakage. Using hair masks or moisturizing conditioners to keep your natural hair moisturized is a good idea.

7.Give Your Natural Hair A Break

Not wearing your Brazilian closure wigs for a few days will give your natural hair a break from it and prevent excessive dryness or oiliness in your natural hair and scalp. After all, allowing oxygen to reach your scalp reduces bacteria and odors, and it feels great! Take off your body wave closure wig now and then to encourage natural hair growth and to feel your best!

8.Protect Wigs From Physical Damage

Too tight hairstyles can cause friction and tugging; instead, wrap your natural hair or use a protective style under your deep wave closure wigs, such as loose braids or cornrows, to help reduce contact between your natural hair and your wig.

Aside from that, switching up your style on a regular basis will help you avoid putting pressure on the same spot day after day. Swap these out every two weeks to avoid scalp tension, which can lead to traction alopecia.

Also, please pay attention to how you brush it and how you shampoo and shower. When the hair is wet, it is the most vulnerable. Washing too vigorously can result in knots and tangles that are difficult to remove. To avoid tangles, make sure you remove your closure wigs and store them properly before bed.

Furthermore, did you know that dying your hair might cause skin irritation or damage? The extreme speed with which you might change your hairstyle can harm your skin. You should know how to get hair dye off your skin if you want to remove it.


So, in response to the question, “does wearing Brazilian closure wigs prevent hair growth?” Remember that cleanliness and protective measures are essential for promoting healthy natural hair growth and preventing natural hair damage.

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