Did Dream do a face reveal? Let’s find out!

dream face reveal

Did Dream do a face reveal? Well, Dream, a YouTube celebrity with more than 30 million followers. He has finally shown his face after years of donning a smiley-face mask.

His YouTube video from Sunday night began, “My name is Clay. Maybe you’ve heard of me, maybe not.”

He added that the reason for the face reveal was that he was finally seeing his pal in person after years of online communication.

In addition, he said he wanted to start “doing things” and live a more visible life. Which included getting to know other internet entrepreneurs. The five-minute movie, which had 16 million views in less than 12 hours. Featured the facial reveal at around the one-minute and 30-second mark.

Did Dream do a face reveal?

On Sunday night, Dream, a hugely successful YouTuber known for his original Minecraft content took what may have been one of the largest and most significant steps of his career. He didn’t collaborate on content with a famous person or have a brand partnership. Instead, he did something very straightforward: He revealed his true face to millions of fans. The peculiar thing was that they had never seen it before.

The Dream had only ever been seen to the world through his avatar, a white mask with a black smiley face put on it, until Sunday night. The unmasking video he shared created a big impression; ever since his name has been trending on Twitter. As of publication, the video had received over 29 million views.

Did Dream do a face reveal? YES, Although the moment was beautiful, it was also reserved and uncomfortable. He was by himself in a small, gloomy room with black walls and a single bed. The Dream appeared a little uneasy about being on camera. Even though he had spent hundreds of hours creating and distributing videos and was one of the most popular YouTube content producers. After all, it was the first time it had happened.

Who is Dream?

Dream, a 23-year-old American YouTuber whose real name is Clay. He is well-known for his work showcasing the survival sandbox game Minecraft.

Dream is well known for his carefully edited films in which he overlays cartoon sound effects and music on top of game footage. In contrast to Twitch streamers who narrate games as they are played. He is the founder of DreamSMP , a group of Minecraft content creators who engage in role-playing games with overarching tales to produce more dramatic and serialized films.


When did Dream start Youtubing? 

Dream started his own YouTube channel in 2014, but it took off after he posted a video about looking for PewDiePie’s Minecraft seed about three years ago.

His “manhunt” videos, in which he tries to win the game as rapidly as possible while someone else tries to find him and kill his character, are currently his most well-liked type of content.

Dream popularity

In less than two years, Dream went from having 1 million subscribers to having over 30 million on his main account. Quickly ascending to the status of a YouTube sensation.

Did Dream do a face reveal? He has crowned the year’s most extensive YouTube discovery in 2020 and the No. 2 creator spot across the board. He co-founded the DreamSMP in that same year, and the community of YouTube creators that make up the DreamSMP, as well as their Discord server, have since served as a sort of incubator for some of the best talents on the site, as each of the DreamSMP members has amassed a sizable following of their own. Together, this all-star cast acts out any stories they want to convey and effectively uses Minecraft as a stage for their performances.

Why did the Dream show his face?

Did Dream do a face reveal? Dream claimed that he revealed himself so he could go out and meet up with friends such as the streamer GeorgeNotFound.

He can do meetups as a creator and complete more work away from his computer now that his fans are familiar with his face. In his interview with Padilla, Dream also claimed that by revealing his face, he would be more able to create new types of material, such as TikToks or collaborations with the well-known YouTuber Mr Beast.

How Does Dream Work?

Minecraft content developer Dream, whose real name is Clay, is 23 years old. YouTube’s kings rule the largest online community for the building-block game, and its top content producers are also kings. Check out his YouTube page to get a feel for his style and material.

Did Dream do a face reveal? What’s the big deal?

Dream has never revealed his face before this week’s big unveiling. He covered it with a smiley face, which later became a trademark of the YouTuber’s brand, spawning fan art and lending his identity some mystique. Dream stands out from the other Minecraft content makers thanks to his distinctive appearance.

How Big a Face Reveal Was This?

The Dream face reveals the film has been viewed by about 20 million people in the past 17 hours after posting on the internet, or nearly as many as live in New York State. There will be an increase in that number. Imagine a worldwide audience of 20 million people watching you flaunt your features. Clay begins the video by saying, “This is weird.” I’m at a loss for words.

Mixed reactions to dream face reveal

Did Dream do a face reveal? Dream has been piquing attention on social media for the past two weeks and gradually disclosing his face via video chat to fellow creators and collaborators, including Addison Rae and KSI. 

  • Sadly, some people’s responses were nasty, likening Dreams’ appearance to infamous YouTuber Shane Dawson and making fun of his chin. 
  • Twitter’s trending topic was “Put the mask back on.”
  • However, the intense yearning that Dream experienced started even before anyone knew what he looked like; now, it is just more apparent.
  • While the conversation on social media was going on, Mr Beast, who invited Dream to work with him, was among the many online creators who showed their support for Dream.
  • Members of Dream SMP, a group of content producers led by TommyInnit and Quackity with whom Dream often streams, can now socialize and work on projects without fear of unintentionally disclosing Dream’s identity.


Did Dream do a face reveal? Dream, a tremendously popular and enigmatic Minecraft content developer, finally revealed his identity.

This arose after his online buddies, who had seen his face before he told it to the public, responded to his announcement of the face reveal in late September.

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