Custom Packaging Techniques That You Won’t See In Textbook

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Custom Packaging plays a vital role in the success of any business. You cannot compete in the market in the modern world unless you place a proper packaging solution. Packaging is the backbone of any product. Why? Well, with an appealing packaging solution, your sales can increase by a huge margin. Packaging is something that gives identity to your product. We are aware of the fact that there are thousands of brands selling similar products. So, it becomes even more important to pay special attention to your packaging to stand out. Why is that important?

If you fail to stand out, you will remain an ordinary seller in the marketplace. Your packaging must be top-notch if you want your products to touch the sky. Once you up to your packaging game, you start to see a positive response from the consumer in the marketplace. There are a few things that you can make a part of your packaging to make it extraordinary.

Custom Packaging for the Win

Custom boxes offer you unlimited options to play with. If you do it perfectly, you will rock in the market. You can print a Brand logo, message, and name to promote your brand. This is a great tool to create strong brand awareness among consumers. Moreover, you can create appealing designs to grab the attention of more customers.

Personalized packaging boxes allow you to design and build the boxes of your need. You can try different sizes and colors to create appealing boxes. Once you have printed your logo along with spectacular designs, in other sense, you have created your brand identity. Brand identity plays a critical role for your business in the long run. How?

Customers can only purchase again from your brand if they can quickly identify your brand. Right? So, you must use the different features to specify your brand. Furthermore, a suitable color scheme that directly resonates with your brand identity can create magic. Appealing designs with eye-catching colors make packaging unique and trendy.

Best Techniques for Custom Packaging

Let’s now find out some designs you can adopt to impress your customers with packaging. And push your sales graph up.

1: Sliding Drawer Boxes

Sliding Drawer boxes bring creativity to your packaging and add a special touch. If you want to separate your brand from others, you must use your imagination well. Why? You have got no clue how creativity can earn you more customers. Your luxury custom packaging decides how far your product goes. In other words, how many users try your product over others.

What is the first thing that customer notices before purchasing your product? Yes, right, it’s none other than packaging. So it must be of high quality with appealing designs and bright colors. Sliding drawer boxes are made out of either cardboard or Kraft paper. The drawer can be slid open to get hold of the product inside. All you need to do is keep the drawer open when the product is on the shelves. Why? It will increase customer interaction.

2: Boxes with Windows

The other most famous design you can use for custom packaging boxes is window boxes. You can create windows in your packaging solution. How does that help? Well, when you add windows in your packaging, it helps your customer to know more about your product. Customers can easily take a look at the product to evaluate what you have to offer. How does this increase sales?

The primary purpose of creating windows is to push your customer to make a quick buying decision. Once customers see the product, is there anything left for them to observe? No, they will make a quick buying decision. Moreover, Window custom boxes enhance the beauty of your packaging. And Make the product look more impressive in one way or another.

3: Unique Shaped boxes

Even though most brands prefer using rectangle shape boxes, you can still make your choice and explore more creative options to gain customers. You can play different and use different shape boxes for your products. If you follow what other brands are already doing, you may not be able to achieve great success. The customer like exclusivity and the only way you can add exclusivity factor into boxes is by going different. This will not only increase sales but help you differentiate your brand.

The shapes that you can use to make an impact:

-Circular boxes

-Hexagonal boxes

-Triangular boxes

4: Eco-friendly boxes

While creating wholesale packaging solutions for your business, you must understand that you use good quality material. Customers look for products that come with nature-friendly packaging.  The good thing about green packaging is that it does not cause any harm to the environment. Furthermore, it also does not add to the pollution and can be recycled 6-7 times.

The world’s top brands are going green, which is the need for an hour. So, your material selection speaks a lot about your brand value. And customers appreciate it when they get something valuable. Cardboard and kraft paper are famous materials for creating eco-friendly packaging. The good thing about these materials is that you can get them quickly.

Final Words

Custom Packaging can do wonders for any business if done creatively. Your business success depends a lot on the kind of packaging you use. You cannot afford to use ugly packaging, making your product look ordinary. You must always pay special attention to your packaging solution. For this, you need to be proactive while selecting colors, designs, and special features for your packaging boxes. Your packaging communicates with your customer and conveys the value of your business. Through your packaging, customers come to know what value they can get from your brand. So, you have to be the best at it.


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