Complete guide to Manaslu Circuit trek in different seasons

Manaslu Circuit Trekking in Nepal

The beautiful and fantastic trekking route across the world’s eighth highest peak, the Manaslu, is 10 to 15 days long. This circuit trek offers a jaw-dropping scenario and a unique experience. The distance of the Manaslu trek is almost 180 kilometers which begins from the busy market of Soti Khola and ends in Syange. You will get to see yaks on your journey and enjoy eating different yak products.

The highest point of this circuit hike, Larkya La Pass (5135 meters), is pretty dangerous and slippery. Besides this pass, the journey is not that difficult. The beautiful village on the way will indeed have your heart. Manaslu Circuit trek can be your unforgettable and beautiful hike journey if chosen to hike in related seasons. Manaslu region is not similar in every four seasons.

Manaslu Circuit trek in different seasons


Months from March to May are the spring season. Spring is also known as a new beginning. Spring is the perfect season to carry out your journey. The end of cold winter can be an excellent escape for enjoying the beauty of nature. Manaslu region is pretty colorful in this season. Greenery and red rhododendron welcome you on your journey.

The weather is not that hot, nor is it too cold, and the sky is clear and beautiful. Different colorful flowers in uphill and lowland in the trail are mesmerizing. The outlook of mountains is evident, but sights can get a bit blurry at the end of May. The courses are not that crowded. Spring is the second-best season to hike after autumn.


Early June to the end of August falls under monsoon season. Monsoon means traveling in the rain. The experience of thrillers and adventure can be gained while hiking in the monsoon. The hot weather is balanced by peaceful rainfall. However, there will be some disturbance in traveling in the monsoon journey. The freshness inland after the precipitation is something else. The temperature is remarkable in the lower part of the circuit, while the upper portion may be cold. You will get to see clouds running their path, which is amazingly beautiful.

The only difficulty hiking in the monsoon is the slippery and muddy path. The peaks look gorgeous after the rainfall, which is a must view. The Manaslu Circuit trek is not crowded during this season as many people do not like to travel during the uncertainty of rain. The gloomy weather and greenery will surely take your heart away. August is not the best of all the monsoon months as it rains heavily and will disturb your journey.


Autumn is the best season for your travel. It is also the busiest Nepal tours and trekking season. This beautiful season starts from early September to late November. Many big festivals of Nepal fall under this season, and you can explore the natural beauty and cultural beauty. The weather gets prettier in the Manaslu region. The sky is clear and beautiful, with very little rainfall; the temperature is not that hot nor too cold.

The paths on trial are not slippery but dry, and hence it is easier to walk. However, the roads are busy, and the trekking trails are pretty crowded. Days are warm, cozy, and relaxing to hike, while nights are cold and peaceful. You will also see the crystal clear view of peaks throughout the journey. Autumn is the best season to trek around Manaslu Circuit trek.


Winter in the Manaslu region is freezing. People from the upper part of Manaslu shift to Pokhara because of unbearable cold. The tourism business is also shut down because of the offseason. Yet, you will find someplace for accommodation. The weather is dry and cold, and the trails are not crowded. But, the adventure and beauty of trekking at high altitudes is fun in winter. Snows all over the roads, and the beautifully shining peaks are breathtaking.

The sky is clear with some cold air blowing. You need to keep your body as warm as possible. You might have difficulty talking with tons of clothes and cold wind. You also need to carry extra camping sets just in case. Your days will be bare able, but the cold nights are frigid to pass. Some might have problems during winter because of extreme cold and high altitude.

Some Attractions of Manaslu Circuit Trek

Safe Trekking Route:

Manaslu trekking route is the safe, high-altitude trekking site of Nepal. The route is entirely developed with tourism facilities. The only difficulty of this journey is Larkya La Pass which is at an altitude of 5,160 meters. You might suffer from altitude sickness as you will be hiking quite some height. Proper rest and some medication can solve the illness problem, but you must not be careless about your health. Make sure always to carry a first aid kit in case of emergency.

Culture and Tradition:

The people from the Manaslu region follow Buddhism, and the Gurung and the Bhutais residing in this region have their own culture and tradition. The stupas, gumbas, and Buddhist museum plays a vital role in reflecting cultural beliefs. Locals treat guests as gods so that you will get great hospitality throughout your trip.

There is a pigeon cave in Tsum valley of Manaslu trekking trail, Milarepa’s shelter. It is believed that ancient Buddhist saints meditated in the cave and progressed. A giant clay statue adjoins the natural rocky den, an honor to Saint Milarepa, born around 1052. The things to explore in the Milarepa’s Cave are the footprints of Milarepa, statues of Avaloketeshwara, Buddha, and Tara.


Manaslu region is a hub for different plants and animals. You will find a variety of flora and fauna while trekking on your journey. Many endangered species are residing in Manaslu. You will get to know 19 different types of forest and more than 1000 types of flowering plants. Medically important plants can also be found in this area. Himalayan pine and rhododendron are the unique habitat plants of this trail.

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