People suffering from hearing loss and notice discharge from the ear should visit the best ENT specialist in Karachi. It is more likely that the person is suffering from cholesteatoma. The specialist will conduct multiple tests and procedures to diagnose the cause of the symptoms and treat them accordingly.

Cholesteatoma is a condition in which the abnormal growth of cells behind the temporal bone causes discharge and dizziness. The symptoms of cholesteatoma include:

  • The person can observe discharge from the ear, which smells unpleasant.
  • The person gradually suffers from hearing loss.
  • The person constantly suffers from ear pain.
  • The patient simultaneously suffers from tinnitus.
  • The person suffers from recurrent episodes of headache.
  • The person suffers from weakness and cannot move head due to pain.
  • The patient feels dizzy most of the time while suffering from the condition.

Known Causes of Cholesteatoma

The causes of cholesteatoma include:

  • A person suffering from an infection of the respiratory system is more likely to suffer from cholesteatoma. Sinusitis can cause dysfunctioning of the eustachian tube, which leads to the condition and further complications.
  • People may be born with cholesteatoma.
  • People involved in an accident are at a higher risk of developing the condition. Injury can cause dysfunctioning of the tympanic membrane, which may lead to cholesteatoma.

Preventive Measures

The measures that can help reduce the probability of abnormal skin growth causing cholesteatoma include:

  • People suffering from respiratory system infections should prioritize their health and seek help as soon as they exhibit the symptoms. Eary diagnosis and proper treatment prevent dysfunction of the eustachian tube.
  • People should not insert any sharp objects in the ear. It may lead to damage to the tympanic membrane. The damage can result in hearing loss and other serious complications.

Complications Associated with Cholesteatoma

The complications that correlate with the condition include:

  • If the person does not get the treatment on time, it can lead to meningitis. The infection can spread to the brain and cause multiple complications.
  • The condition can lead to facial paralysis.
  • The infection can lead to brain abscess. It can cause permanent brain damage or lead to death. Hence, it is essential to treat the condition to avoid the spread of infection.

Test to Diagnose Cholesteatoma

The tests and procedures that assist in diagnosing the condition include:

  • CT Scan: Computerized tomography helps get an image of the middle ear to check the size of cysts and confirm the presence of abnormal skin near the temporal bone.
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging: If the person exhibits signs of brain damage, the MRI help confirms it. The MRI checks the extent of brain damage caused due to the condition.
  • Audiometry: The test helps diagnose if the person is suffering from hearing loss.

Treatment Options for Cholesteatoma:

The procedures that have been proven effective in treating the condition include:

  • Mastoidectomy is a surgical procedure that aims to remove abnormal skin growth from the ear. It helps the patient to avoid complications and leads to a normal life.
  • Tympanoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to repair and reconstruct the middle ear.

The person after receiving the surgery should remain vigilant. It is important to avoid swimming, flying, and using earphones, as it can assert pressure on the middle ear and affect the functioning of the ear.

The ENT specialist in Lahore can help the person understand the cause of their condition. Additionally, the specialist will conduct the tests to confirm the disease and its severity before suggesting the treatment options. The specialist will guide the patient regarding the complications and preventive measures that can reduce the reoccurrence of the condition.

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