Check Out These 10 Beautiful Chest Tattoos For Girls!


Tattoos have always been used as a great way to express oneself. They allow you to tell your story in a very unique way. A tattoo on one’s body is much more than just a symbol or design. It carries deep meaning for the one bearing it.

Tattoo, nowadays, is seen as a form of body art. People put in a lot of thought and research before getting inked permanently. They not only do their research for which design to get but also where to get it.

So, if you are someone who’s planning to get a tattoo, then get one on your chest!

A chest is a good location if you want to catch some attention and flaunt your tattoo. And if you wish to keep your tattoo private, the chest gives you that flexibility as well.

The best part about getting a chest tattoo, depending on where you get one, is that you can cover it whenever you like it. Put on an off-shoulder/ deep plunging top, and you get to flaunt your tattoo. And on days when you don’t want to, just throw on a shirt or a simple top.

Now let’s look at some beautiful chest tattoos women!

Collarbone Tattoo!

A collarbone tattoo looks gorgeous. Most girls opt for a design that looks like a mirror image of each other. And this is why this tattoo for girls on chest looks so eye-catchy!

You can keep the design minimal or intricate- both look amazing!

The Cycle of the Moon Tattoo!

A moon is a symbol of feminine power. The phases of the moon are beautiful tattoos that represent deep meaning as well. It represents birth, death and reincarnation. So, if you’re a spiritual person, you can consider getting this tattoo.

A Rose Tattoo!

A rose tattoo is generally seen as a symbol of love. It is a classic motif you can get on your sternum. This tattoo looks very minimal and would make you stand out when you wear your deep plunging neck tops/dresses!

So, if you’re looking for ideas for small tattoos women for chest then this is the right option for you.

A Butterfly Tattoo!

A butterfly is yet another popular motif for girls to get. This tattoo is different because it is colourful and covers your entire upper chest. You are definitely going to make heads turn if you get this one!

A Bunch of Flowers Tattoo!

If one simple minimal flower wasn’t enough for you, get a bunch of flowers! This tattoo not only covers your chest but your neck and some of your upper arms as well. The butterfly on the neck adds to the beauty of this tattoo!

Beautiful Bird Tattoo!

Birds are majestical creatures. A bird tattoo strength has always been very famous amongst girls. You mostly see girls getting a flock of birds tattoo on their wrist, but a bird tattoo on your sternum looks equally beautiful!

Your Favourite Quote Tattoo!

This tattoo looks subtle and pretty! It is definitely for minimal lovers. And also, for people who live by a quote. Just remember to pick a beautiful font to get your favourite quote inked!

An Under-Boob Chandelier!

Under-boob chandelier tattoo has become very famous recently. The tattoo design is intricate, and the gems hanging from the under-boob looks very pretty. We love it!

PS: Make sure to get inked from a good tattoo artist in order to avoid any future regrets.

Lotus Tattoo!

Lotus is a subtle yet beautiful motif you can get on your sternum. It is a very famous design and represents purity, strength and grace.

Compass Tattoo!

Since a compass helps one in finding direction, a compass tattoo represents finding one’s way in life! It is also a popular tattoo among travel enthusiasts. 

This tattoo looks simple yet beautiful!

And that’s it! We hope you found your inspiration for your chest tattoo.

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