A Brief Guide to Myrrh Essential Oil 


Essential oils have now become a much common topic of discussion. They are the talk of the town, with an innumerable amount of benefits, packed within. 

To begin with, essential oils are plant extracts that are composed of pressing and steaming different parts of the plant. The aim is to capture the parts which have the fragrance in them. The process is quite extensive and it takes quite a lot of compounds from a plant to create a bottle of essential oil. 

Myrrh Essential Oil 

Amongst innumerable essential oils that are available today, myrrh is a common name that many have heard about. It is a reddish-brown, dry sap, which is native to southwest Asia and northeastern Africa. 

This oil is extracted through a steam distillation process and is packed with various health benefits. 

Myrrh has been used as a Chinese medicine since ancient times. It is also a great ayurvedic medicine that can help you with several issues like skin sores, infections, and much more. 

Benefits of Myrrh Essential Oil

Who can benefit from Frankincense Pure myrrh essential oil?

Well, here are some perks that help you understand the nature of this essential oil, along with the advantages that it has to offer. 

  1. Good for Oral Health:

If you are someone who is struggling with oral health, then myrrh essential oil might be a good consideration for you. It is helpful in treating oral infections and inflammatory disorders too. If your mouthwash consists of this oil, it can aid in dealing with gingivitis and also reduce build-up of bacteria and plaque around your gums. 

  1. Healthy for Skin: 

Essential oils have been a huge hype, in the skin world. Traditionally, myrrh oil specializes in healing skin wounds and infections. However, studies are underway now, to confirm whether it really is helpful in doing so or not. One study has proved that myrrh oil can be beneficial in healing skin wounds quickly. 

  1. Good Antioxidant:

Myrrh comes packed with amazing antioxidants that can help in fighting the signs of aging and several other diseases. A study proves that myrrh oil might be more helpful than Vitamin E for fighting free radicals. However, it is best to consult someone, before using it orally or inhaling it as studies are underway, to determine which one is better. 


Essential oils have a lot of benefits to offer. Some help in fighting acne while others can help you boost your mental health and reduce depression and anxiety. It all comes down to selecting the right one, for your specific needs. 

Myrrh oil is great for wounds and infections and can help enhance your gut health too. However, studies are still underway to prove whether this essential oil can be powerful for the claims it makes or not. As of now, it is great for gut health, skin wounds and oral health. 

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