Boys Should Avoid Wearing Tees With Big Logos To Look Dapper

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A gentleman’s look is enough for a boy to impress anybody or enhance his look. Wearing tees with big size logo may not be a good decision for your look. Here you will learn some of the styling tips of what not to do to look dapper. These tips will be helpful for every age group of boys. 

Be Unique But Be Gentle

Wearing something that looks gentle on a man is not so difficult to do; all you have to know is what will help you look perfect no matter what shape or size you have. Fashion is not just about being unique for a man but about being perfect with his appearance. Suppose you are going to the office with joggers and slip-ons; not a good idea to be presentable in the office. For being in an office, you have to be presentable as per the office.

Just like this, even wearing tees for a casual day one should be very appropriate with the look and type of t-shirt one is choosing.

Advertising Free Of Cost

A man should be very specific with his looks; one should never go with the big logo t-shirts as it gives you a look more like a billboard. 

Understand the strategy of the company behind making big logo tees for boys. Usually, the company prints its logo on the t-shirts, whether the apparel company is big or small. When you buy such a t-shirt to show off, you prefer only branded products. You are advertising on behalf of the company for free of cost. 

On one side, the company spends millions on advertisements to boost its sales. This strategy helps them do free-of-cost branding for the company through their buyers by printing logo tees for boys and girls. Suppose you want to advertise for a particular company. In that case, you can make it possible through social media platforms to earn some bucks from the company in exchange for advertising their products. 

Being money-minded is not at all wrong; if you are advertising for a company, make money from it.

Example: In 2015, Coca-Cola Company came up with the strategy of a free giveaway of t-shirts, the response was great. The citizen participated & received t-shirts in exchange. Coca-Cola’s name was on the t-shirt. Although someone will hardly wear the t-shirt, once they will wear it, they will advertise for the company free of cost.

I guess now every reader must have understood the strategy behind making big logo tees for boys and girls. 

 Don’t Look Like A Bean Bag

 I have noticed that many boys always choose to wear oversize t-shirts to get maximum comfort. But to be honest, as a fashion blogger, the guys wearing oversize t-shirts look like a bean bag. 

Oversize t-shirts may be comfortable, but it is for an oversize person. A person with an XL figure & XXXL t-shirt doesn’t look good. Always prefer to wear a not too fitting t-shirt for showcasing your muscular body, nor wear a too loose t-shirt as it almost looks like a bean bag. Sorry for being a little rude but give it a try to wear a perfect size t-shirt you will love it.

Combine To Look Better

Pairing your clothes with some accessories is great for every man. Always try to pair some accessories with your daily lifestyle clothing. Adding a wristband with a casual dress is a great combination. If you wear formal apparel, pair it with a gentle gray or silver wristwatch as it looks more like a professional. 

Adding sunglasses or spectacles with every type of apparel is not a bad option; all you have to take care of is what kind of specs or sunglasses are good to accompany with your dress and your face shape. A clear lens is great to go with formals, and aviator sunglasses are cool to adjoin with your casual wear. 

Always try not to wear more than three colors together. Pair your light-shaded shirt/t-shirt with dark shade bottom wear and dark shoes. 

In the case of children, dressing them up with some uniqueness can uplift their thought towards fashion and being a gentleman. 

 Shirt & T-shirt combo

A shirt over the t-shirt can be a great savior if you want to give an instant look over to your appearance. Want to move out instantly to the street for shopping and still be confused with the apparel, what to wear and what not? In that circumstance combining a shirt over a t-shirt can be a great option available. A dark-shaded color blocks casual shirt with light-shaded plain tees can be a great combination for a quick look over. 

You can also style up your child with a combination of a shirt over a t-shirt. It will be adorable to see your child in a different look. 

You can also opt to wear if you are going on a casual meet-up session with friends, shirt over a t-shirt is never out of fashion apparel style, with a good color combination idea, you can enhance your look.


Be confident and be gentle with your looks; dress up your child or yourself something apart from the crowd. One should have at least this much sense of fashion

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