All you Need to Know About Solar Rise+ by Wipro Lighting

Nowadays, our prime focus is to use more and more renewable energy to reduce the increasing environmental crisis and pollution. There is no doubt that due to the excessive establishment of industries we are losing our exhaustible resources rapidly. This excessive consumption of non-renewable energy will cause numerous problems for everyone, even bigger than the environmental issues that we are facing today. However, every problem has a solution and currently, the situation is not that hopeless. 

So to save natural resources, Wipro Lighting has always taken effective initiatives to deliver technologically advanced, environment-friendly, efficient and innovative solutions. This time we are going to cast light on one of our best and highly eco-friendly lumination options the ‘Wipro SolaRISETM.

It can be easily noticed that in a tropical country like India, we are not using our prominent renewable energy properly. The usage of solar energy on a larger scale is mostly limited to government projects and remote areas. But, with SolarRISE, we aim to make solar power energy and solar lighting options for all. To promote our initiative and make it available for all, we have designed an integrated solar street light that comes with many advantages.

Benefits of Wipro All-In-One Integrated Solar Street Light

This all-in-one solar street light makes the solar lighting solution highly efficient and easily adaptable for us. There is no need to have the old heavy and bulky lead-acid battery box mounted on the poles and solar photovoltaic (PV) panel along with the street light. 

This solar street light is integrated into one single unit and contains all the required components, such as – a charger controller, PV panel, battery, and drive inside the street lighting fixture itself. So, there is no compromise with the looks as well. It looks trendy and sleek and is an ideal outdoor lighting option for the urban landscape.

Furthermore, there are numerous other advantages of this outdoor solar light, some of which are noted below.

  • Wipro all-in-one solar street light is completely eco-friendly and comes with modern technology.
  • Its modish look and modern design make this luminaire a perfect choice for urban areas.
  • This solar street light does not consume much installation time like the solar lights that we used before, which makes it easy to install.
  • It comes with hi-tech intelligence and high efficiency.
  • It has a long service life and is a highly reliable lighting option.

A few years back, solar street lights were not the same, they have gone through lots of upgrades and transformations. Technological advancement has made these luminaires highly efficient and reliable. Wipro Lighting is committed to taking this journey of evolution of solar street lights to the next level. Therefore, we are rigorously working to craft luminaries that promote modern infrastructure in the county and as result, our all-in-one solar street light comes with the following advanced features.

Features of  all-in-one solar street light

The all-in-one solar street light by Wipro Lighting is a highly efficient lighting operation. This luminaire is designed with hi-tech intelligence that makes it a future-ready illumination solution. Some of its features that make it smarter and widely adopted are as follows.

  • It contains LEDs that make it energy-efficient.
  • It has a Mono-Crystalline Silicone Solar Panel that improves its efficiency and boosts the energy conversion rate.
  • It has a Lithium Ferro-Phosphate Battery that has high performance, provides uniform temperature, and has a higher life span.
  • There is an Intelligent Controller and Sensor in this solar street light that maximizes its efficiency and contains an intelligent controller, which is designed to regulate the light output based on movement detection and time schedule.
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