All About Dirndl Aprons and Oktoberfest Scarves

Oktoberfest Scarves

Traditionally, Dirndl aprons and Oktoberfest scarves are made of the same material because they are a pair of matching articles. Dirndl comes in different materials such as silk, satin, or cotton. The traditional pattern to form curvilinear lines can be found on Dirndl aprons as well as on Oktoberfest scarves. 

Dirndls are as much about fashion as they are about culture. From the color of the blouse to the sash around your waist, everything a girl puts on is there to match or accentuate the dirndls. Let us explore more about the Dirndl aprons in this article. 

Dirndl Apron 

No dirndl is complete without an apron. Today’s German dirndl dress is only worn with aprons. The most important part of the dirndl ensemble, the apron, is actually a traditional Bavarian costume. 

The current primary use of the apron is protecting clothes while working in the kitchen, which is not its only use. However, a different and more decorative use, which involves ribbons for a bow at the waist to indicate relationship status and availability, is another use of this costume component during Oktoberfest.

Before we dive into the details of what makes a good apron, let’s take a look at some basic things that apply to all dirndls.

  •  You should wear your apron shorter than the hemline of your skirt.
  •  The fabric should coordinate with the rest of the dress.
  •  Don’t wear an apron with a pattern or color that clashes with your dirndl.

Traditional Dirndl Skirt

Traditional Bavarian Tracht clothing makes things easy, as dirndl skirts are always ankle length and in black or gray. This allows you to wear an 88cm-long dirndl apron in any pattern or color you like. Things have gotten complicated with modern, fashionable Oktoberfest dirndls, though; these are mostly sold with a matching apron.

A typical Bavarian dirndl dress is a midi dirndl, sitting slightly below the knee. But there’s also a mini version that has recently become fashionable at Oktoberfest, although this length is very untraditional and worn mostly by tourists and younger people. 

A petticoat is an undergarment that extends from below the waist to the knee. It can be made of nylon, chiffon, or silk.  When looking for your dirndl skirt, you may want to purchase a petticoat or underskirt to match. Many online stores offer white, black, or ecru/beige options. You can also find trim around the bottom of your skirt to help make it poofy. 

While buying a Dirndl apron, you must keep in mind the colors and patterns of your dirndl skirt and petticoat so that you can create a perfect Bavarian look. Coming back to the fabric of Dirndl, let’s see how many choices we have. 

Dirndl Apron Fabric and Patterns

When choosing an apron fabric, the most important thing is that it falls over your skirt softly. The most common fabrics for aprons are lightweight materials such as cotton, polyester-cotton blends, and silk. 

Denim can also be used if the weave is thin and light, but it is rarely used alone because it is too heavy for an apron’s gracefully draping effect. As a rule of thumb, the lighter the fabric of your apron is compared to your skirt, the more graceful it will look when worn. 

There is an apron style for every occasion. The most traditional of these are plain, with small checks, and vertical stripes. However, more modern designs have come along to match changes in fashion dirndls.

In recent years, the trend towards the printed motifs has modified aprons, so these traditionally Bavarian garments have been given a modern touch.

When looking for Dirndl, you must get an Oktoberfest Scarf for yourself to keep yourself warm during the evening. Let’s see what kinds of scarves are available. 

Oktoberfest Scarves to Pair with your Dirndl

After talking about how to keep out the cold at the beginning of the week with Bavarian knitwear, we thought we’d show you another piece of Oktoberfest fashion that every girl should have: an Oktoberfest scarf.

Oktoberfest scarves are an awesome fashion statement! They’re made of lightweight cotton and have fun design features. They look good with dirndls and lederhosen, which means less bulk and more comfort. If you’re headed to Munich’s biggest and best festival this September, you’ll want to be accessorized the right way.

We know you’ll love to pair a scarf this season with your German Dirndl dress. It’s so eye-catching that the men won’t be staring down your bust anymore!

Now you must be wondering where to get these prettiest aprons and scarves to complete your Bavarian Dirndl dress? Worry not!

Dirndl Online Store is a place where you will get a complete range of Dirndl dresses along with accessories at a reasonable price. They have fine quality products and also what’s more satisfying if you can get everything under one roof. 

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