8 qualities of a good English tutor

English tutor

In today’s world, English is the language of business and education. If you’re learning English it’s necessary to have a tutor, who can provide you with invaluable assistance in understanding your texts and writing the best possible essays. They will be able to help you improve specific parts of your writing, such as grammar, vocabulary, and spelling.

The following qualities should be considered before choosing a tutor:

1) Communication Skills:

Effective communication can make or break any relationship and tutoring is no exception! Understanding what your student understands is crucial for their learning process; it will also ensure that they continue to want out of the sessions with you so that they can move forward. Learning to communicate effectively with your student is the first step toward a long-lasting relationship.

2) Patience:

Being an English tutor in Singapore requires patience because students are not always receptive to the lesson you are trying to deliver. As an educator, it’s your job to meet them where they are. It is important that you don’t overextend your limit and instead understand when your student needs a break.

3) Understanding:

In order to be effective with your students, you must understand where they are coming from. Understanding their native language and culture will help you make connections that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to make with your students.

4) Gratitude:

As an educator, you are the one who provides a service to your student. Receiving gratitude from your student is very important in the process of “paying it forward” and will serve as a good memory for your student for years to come!

5) Feedback:

Students should always be provided with feedback after each session whether in written form or verbally. Doing so will help you both improve and show that you appreciated their time.

6) Empathy:

Always remember that English teaching does not always work, but rather something that can be enjoyable. Understanding how your student is feeling should be a priority. Additionally, providing students with empathy during their English learning process will help them feel more comfortable which in turn helps teach better!

7) Flexibility:

Instead of only focusing on one aspect of the language learning process, you must also be open to different topics and teaching methods. For example, incorporating Story Time into your lessons can help encourage creativity and fun; it opens up an outlet for students to create English resources for themselves!

english tutor

8) Research skills:

You will likely be required to conduct some research at some point during your studies, especially if your tutor is not a specialist teacher in this area; in this case, it is crucial that they are able to explain and interpret these data, which can be very confusing for students who have little experience with researching topics for essays.


Teaching is an art and can be a very rewarding job. Becoming an English tutor is much easier than you think! Although it may not seem like it at first, progressing through the levels of English teaching will eventually lead to you becoming a professional teacher in the field of English, but more importantly, it will help you foster a new bond with others.

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