7 Steps To Write Compelling Product Descriptions For SEO

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One of the most persuasive points of sale with an e-commerce store is the product description. Our world has become primarily digital, hence the increase in e-commerce stores. All you have to do with physical stores is convince the customer physically when they walk into your store, telling them why that product is their best bet. This physical technique has been used for years. 

As the world is shifting, especially since 2020, when the pandemic began, there are more digital stores. Many people just want their products delivered to their homes without having to step out of the house, except to pick up the package from their doorsteps, of course. People only pay for goods or services when they are sure they will benefit them. A consumer can only find out if a product is befitting for them by reading the product description.

Why is a product description essential? 

A product description is vital for any e-commerce store or service. Many stores tend to bore the consumer with generic words, making them less interested in buying the product. However, your buyer is intrigued and convinced to pay for the product with a great product description. 

So, how do you write a great product description? Here are the steps to write compelling product descriptions, no matter the product you’re selling. 

Understanding your Target Audience 

No matter what you have to offer, you have a specific demographic or audience that you are selling to. To successfully craft a befitting product description, you need to understand your target audience. With your understanding of your target audience, you should come up with a buyer persona. This buyer persona is a profile of your dream customer that you will use in all the aspects of your e-commerce marketing.

This includes your product description. Your buyer persona includes the demographic information of the target audience, their main problems and the possible solution approaches, their potential questions, their content preferences, and many more. This makes your product description more specific.

Using the right language 

If you have paid attention to the online business and e-commerce industry, you would have noticed that people use different phrases and descriptions for the same items. For instance, a person can describe a dress as a sundress, and another might describe the same dress as a casual summer dress.

So, understanding your target leads you to get your audience’s vocabulary. You have to know what your potential customers are looking for and use that information to write your product description.

This boosts the SEO and visibility of your products as they match the exact words your potential audience is typing in the search engine. 

Following SEO basics 

SEO is important for your product descriptions because how else will your target audience see what you have to sell? SEO might seem pretty complex, but you don’t need all the nitty-gritty to provide product descriptions. Understanding and following SEO basics is one of the significant steps to writing compelling product descriptions that you need. These SEO basics are vital as they are why your product descriptions will rank on the first page of the search engine. They include using the right keywords and short and engaging sentences. 

Show the buyers what they’ll be getting 

The phrase “show not tell” works perfectly for product description. Many people tend to use generic words like superlatives and terms that everyone has seen a thousand times. When you write a product description, you have to describe the benefits of the products and not the features. Let the buyers know what your project has in store for them, not your products’ features. 

Using the Right Writing Technique 

Of course, writing a product description requires using a meaningful writing technique. Making the mistake of using complex words or generic words that add nothing to the text or description can cost you your audience’s attention. Your product description has to be concise, short, and readable. Use short sentences and also use bullet points. Bullets points are easier to skim over and get the main points of the description. 

Uploading the best pictures of your product 

Many business and e-commerce store owners ignore this, but having a decent photograph of the product you have for sale is essential. Your images should be authentic and portray the product perfectly, just the way it is. Your product photography has to give your customers the feeling of it being right in front of them, physically. 

Using Call to Action 

The goal of your product description is for your potential buyers to purchase your product. One of the most effective ways to make this happen is by including a call to action. This acts as the conclusion of your product description, urging your potential customers not to miss out on the goodness of your product and making them act fast. It can be placing the add to cart button or your contact details beneath the description. 


Product descriptions move your products to the right audience once they are well optimized with the proper techniques and keywords. This article has listed the seven essential steps you’d need to write a compelling product description that converts. Try them out and see how many changes you’d see in your conversion rate.  


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