7 Reasons Why You Should Use Videos for Your Website

It is often said that a picture can speak a thousand words. Videos are a further extension of pictures. Thus, it makes perfect sense to use videos for your website so that it is possible to express yourself with the least words used. At the same time, the viewer must understand that videos make it possible to grab the viewer’s attention far more quickly than a simple static website. 

 Discussed at length are seven of the most significant points to enable videos in websites. That does not mean there aren’t other points but that these are the most significant ones of all time. 

  1.     A wider audience

It has often been noticed that using videos in a website enables the website to be understood by a more comprehensive section of the audience. Often the subtleties of language could be lost on the viewer. However, the video manages to get the message across each time better. 

 One of the methods of using videos is to embed them in the website, enabling easy access to the viewer and ensuring the use of platforms like YouTube, etc. One of the ways that social media works to spread news or views is by sharing the presentation. Using videos makes it possible to have much better share rates than links or text. It has been seen that there is a ten-fold increase in sharing of videos as compared to other types of presentations. 

  1.     Brings stories to life 

One of the most powerful features of a video editor is that it can bring to life any story that has to be told to the audience. For instance, it makes better sense to include videos in the testimonials to show the presenter’s emotion. The presenter cannot achieve the video’s effect through any other means. 

 It is a no-brainer to use video testimonials when compared to written testimonials. The video presentation can quite blow away any person viewing it. In addition, the video presentation tends to bring stories that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. With the power to tell compelling stories, videos are a must-have to websites, mainly if they are to be used to promote products and services. 

 Videos help create a personal touch between the organization and the viewers, and it becomes easier when you create a video in a storytelling form. For example, you can create a video about where you started, your goal, how you achieved them, your complete journey, and your plans for the future. This way, the audience will get to know you better, plus they can connect with you.

  1.     The power of video editing 

It is indeed not only videos that are edited at will. Words can be edited to suit the situation, and there is no denying the power of good storytelling. However, the advent of an online video editor to the market has been a game-changer in editing videos. If only it brings collaboration to people working on the video. 

With practically everything going online, it was only a convenience that video editing is taken online. This video editor has some very powerful online editor programs available online at any time. Few people would deny that using an online editor is a convenient feature. 

The power of videos in websites has been bolstered with online editing, and for good reasons too. The presence of an extensive online library of videos goes a long way in introducing flexibility to those in editing and managing images and pictures. 

  1.     Introduce personality to websites 

Videos have that one feature that text cannot accomplish nor pictures, personalized to the websites. There is no limit to how web admins can use videos on a website. It goes without saying that by changing the presentation of the videos, it is possible to change the character of the very presence as well. 

Much text on a website page can often be very dull to read. That is where the power of videos comes into its own. It presents the viewer an opportunity to let go of a formal approach to a website. 

It is easier to make videos that stand out than text or stationary images kept in people’s minds. This is a feature that hasn’t been matched by other mediums compared to videos. It is quite possible that going into the future, a more extended version of videos would be introduced like augmented reality or virtual reality. 

  1.     Easier to remember 

Videos are any day easier to remember than text or written content. And this stems from the fact that the human brain stores images far more efficiently than text most of the time. So another feature of the video is that it tends to linger more in the memory than plain text. 

Often the effectiveness of a marketing campaign would depend on how long the customer can retain what he has seen on a website. Thus, using videos on a website is just the right way to focus on the prime message delivered to the consumer. 

  1.     Convenience in SEO 

Today, entire promotions of products and services depend on SEO to get the message across to the audience. The video is one of the most powerful means of getting a website or webpage optimised. 

Increasingly, the videos on a website tend to boost the ranking of search engine results. As a result, this feature has been able to get the rightly deserved place in search engine optimization more than ever before. As a result, search engines bring more traffic to websites that feature videos than just plain text. 

When it comes to SEO, the true power of videos hasn’t yet been unleashed. The introduction of more complex algorithms and better video indexing would differentiate in promoting the wider use of videos in future websites. 

  1.     Better communication  

Despite the large number of innovations that have been introduced to website design, the video still retains the capacity to communicate better with the audience. It is possible to get the potential customer to get a better feel of the product by having a video. 

The net effect is that it is easier to retain and acquire customers with a video presentation than otherwise. For example, instead of telling a customer how a particular product looks, it is possible with the video presentation to show the customer the product. 

Most marketers would say getting a sale done is about getting the customer to understand the product. The use of videos in websites does just this part and with great aplomb.  

 What Does the Future Hold for Websites? 

For one, there will be a greater effort to present videos with websites than have been done in the past. In addition, with search engine optimization efforts getting to differentiate videos from one another, there are still exciting times ahead for videos and online sources of videos.

That does not mean that the text or image will go redundant at any time. But combined with the right videos, it would be possible to create some of the most powerful marketing messages that websites would have introduced into the market. 

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