6 Amazing Benefits of Joining RYT Academy

RYT Academy

No matter whether you possess an year’s experience in yoga practice or are a novice, this ancient art does offer you a plethora of health benefits.

Now, whether you plan to start teaching yoga or just deepen personal yoga practice, yoga teacher training offers you a lifetime experience. This program helps you evolve on a mental and spiritual level and realize the true potential within.

Now, a common question that often comes up is –

What Makes Yoga Teacher Training So Special?

The yoga teacher training has a deep impact on your life. The physical, mental, and spiritual transformation you undergo during this program is simply out of the world. Absorbing the positive qualities like calmness, peacefulness, and happiness helps you enter the mental state of a yogi. Enrolling in a certified RYT Academy in India gives you the opportunity to experience these life-changing benefits of yoga teacher training.

Why Should I Go to India to Enroll in an RYT School?

This is another commonly asked questions which comes from those looking to join a yoga teacher training in India but are not sure about.

To help you make the right decision, yoga experts have come up with some amazing benefits of enrolling in an RYT School in India.

1. Learn Original Yoga

Do you know that India is the country blessed to be the birthplace of yoga? Yes! This spiritual art came into being in India 5000 years ago. The most earliest of spiritual seekers and some of the best yoga gurus came from India.

Moreover, even with yoga being reduced to a form of physical workout, India still retains the original and complete form of yoga. The original form of yoga has survived the test of time for centuries in India. Therefore, it makes sense that joining an RYS academy in India as it is here you would get authentic and complete knowledge of this ancient art.

2. Meet Long-Time Practitioners

The very decision to enroll in a certified RYT Academy in India opens up a door of opportunities for you. This is your chance to learn the mystical art under the guidance of experienced yoga teachers. At the same time, you also get to interact with authentic yogis and get spiritual knowledge which has been passed down from generation to the next.

It is here you understand what yogis refer to as the Sattvic lifestyle and understand the philosophical aspect of this sacred art.

3. Explore a Rich Country

Acquiring a yoga teacher training certification is a big accomplishment. For you to experience what true yoga is, India serves as the perfect location. There is a plethora of cultures, traditions, and the natural landscape which keeps you in awe. Now, combine that with learning yoga at a RYT Academy having all these and you have the secret to live a happy life.

4. Affordable Yoga Teacher Training

If you are coming from outside India, you already know the cost required to enroll in a yoga teacher training. However, all this changes in India where you can find the best of YTT programs within budget.

Moreover, when you enroll in a yoga teacher training within your budget, it gives you the chance to experience things like traveling to different cities and trying out the numerous local delicacies.

5. No Dearth of Yoga Schools

With India being the birthplace of yoga, there is no doubt you would find thousands of yoga schools promising the best yoga teacher training programs. Some offer lessons on Hatha while others will provide training in the Ashtanga yoga style.

Every yoga school in India has experienced yoga teachers and the right environment for you to learn this sacred art. All you need to do is enroll in a certified RYT Academy to learn all the aspects of yoga.

6. A Lifetime Experience

India is one place in the entire world where millions of yogis arrive each day. It is not because they want to learn the physical aspects of yoga. Every yogi wants to unlock the hidden potential within their body and mind. This is only possible by understanding the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga.

Thus, it goes without any doubt that enrolling at an RYT Academy in India does comes with some major benefits.


Do you want to learn yoga beyond asanas and Pranayama techniques? You should enroll in a certified Yoga School in India to learn yoga along with its spiritual and mental aspects.

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