5 Common Types of Vending Machines for Sale in India

Vending Machines for Sale in India

Vending machine industry is growing at a rapid pace. According to the latest market report by Grandview research, vending machines’ market size was 52.91 billion in 2021. It is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 10.7% from 2022 to 2030.

Vending machines are an excellent way for businesses to sell their products without dedicated staff. Moreover, they eliminate the need for monitoring a machine attendant who may steal supplies in stock or cash from sales.

These machines can be installed at airports, hotels, hospitals, offices, gas stations, and other public places where people wait or have little spare time. In India, a few companies like Godrej can provide advanced vending solutions based on your specific business requirements. 

Here are five common vending machines you should consider implementing in your business.

  1. Tea and Coffee Vending Machine

These machines are a great addition to any workplace that serves coffee and tea as they provide hot and cold tea and coffee options. Regardless of what tea or coffee your customer needs, this vending machine is ready to dispense.

A good example is a Minibar Espresso machine with a bean hopper and three canisters to provide instant products. Additionally, the device comes with a pre-selection option for milk/sugar. It uses the European brewing and grinding system to ensure you only get a top-notch taste of your products. While it is most suitable for large offices, it is a flexible option for any place of your convenience.

  1. Milk Tea Vending Machine 

If you are looking for a vending machine that dispenses a selection of teas with a creamy and frothy milk foam topping, a milk tea vending machine is the best choice. It allows you to choose your desired sugar and creaminess and mix them correctly before pouring them into your cup.

One of the best things about milk tea vending machines is that they’re easy to clean and maintain. Consecutively, they are a great addition to any workplace or retail space serving high-quality milk tea.

  1. Soup Vending Machine

This vending machine dispenses a piping-hot cup of soup, garnishes, and toppings, such as croutons, cheese, and vegetables. These machines are a great way to give customers a delicious, hearty meal as they provide different soups to appeal to people of different tastes.

While they may require a bit more maintenance, operating them is very easy. It is a good option for a business that wants to give its customers a unique taste of different soups and a healthier beverage alternative.

  1. Water Vending Machine

Water vending solution dispenses bottles of pure and filtered water. They are a great choice if you need water on the go or you want to provide your customers with an eco-friendly alternative. They are used in public places like airports, railway stations, gyms, or bus stops and are installed for public convenience.

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There are two types of water vending machines: 1) Bulk ATM, which needs regular water supplies, and 2) Bottled water machine that dispenses water in bottles. This machine provides your clients with an organised and hygienic water solution while you provide tokens to insert into the machine.

  1. Snacks and Beverages Vending Machine

This machine dispenses a wide array of food and snack items, like chips, popcorn, namkeen, and homemade snacks. They are a great option for places open late at night, like a convenience store, metro station or movie theatre. When selecting one, ensure your snacks and beverages vending machine has a wide selection of products to appeal to customers of different age groups.

The vending machine accepts all digital payments, like debit/credit cards, UPI, e-wallets, and Sodexo. This makes them an ideal option for a wide range of customers. While their price and quality vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, they require low maintenance and can last long.

Vending machines are a great way to increase sales and provide food and drinks on the go. There are many vending machines, each with a specific maintenance requirement. However, your machine’s quality depends on the manufacturer. When purchasing a vending machine, consider getting it from a trusted vending machine manufacturer in India known for engineering excellence and top-quality products.

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