3 Reasons Why Chandigarh is the Right City for You to Move In


Chandigarh is a lovely city to visit and live in, and the peace and tranquillity you experience there are magnificent! It is divided into sections but united by beauty. The main attractions are Section 17 Market, Sukhna Lake, Rock Garden, and Rose Garden. In addition, it is one of the cleanest cities in India because there isn’t any waste left on the road.

Travelers have developed trends for several Indian places, including the beaches in Goa, Delhi’s historical past, Mumbai’s nightlife and fashion, and Agra’s Taj Mahal. Many products are famous in Chandigarh, like Smart phone in Chandigarh and Recliner in Chandigarh

By the way, the Taj Mahal is why many travelers are aware of the existence of Agra, even if the city offers much more to discover than just the renowned mausoleum. Additionally, Chandigarh follows the blueprint of India’s best-planned city.

1. Driving is made easy by the good roads

The broad roadways and rigorous adherence to traffic laws make driving comfortable in Chandigarh City. The experience has been enjoyable and hassle-free every time you go to Chandigarh roads. 

Public transportation- Although it is not particularly good, it is enough for city travel. For all modes of transportation, auto rickshaws, CTU buses, and cycle rickshaws are available for all modes of transportation.

The architecture and design- One of Chandigarh’s defining characteristics are the city’s remarkable architecture. Renowned French architect Le Corbusier created the clean, urban design of the town. In addition, the Sectorization of the city makes getting around quite simple.

Crime Rate: Officially, Chandigarh would be the safest city in India. Living alone there is entirely secure. Every street and crossroads in the town has a police station open all the time. Indeed, you can phone the police at a hotline number to be dropped off at your destination when you feel alone and dangerous at two in the morning on the road.

2. Noiseless neighborhoods

None of the Chandigarh neighborhoods has struck me as being very boisterous. Instead, you can taste an unhurried way of life in the serene settings of Chandigarh City, adorned by the melodic sounds of chirping birds.

Greenery: Besides having several parks and gardens, Chandigarh City has tall, lovely trees all over the streets.

Cleanliness: Chandigarh is the 3rd city in India, as per Swachh Survekshan 2018. Additionally, this has previously been named the cleanest city in India. The entire city is immaculate, and Chanakyapuri, my favorite part of Delhi, immediately comes to mind.

3. Close proximity to several of India’s top hill stations

Chandigarh is just to have a quick weekend getaway to the Himalayas. Shimla, Barog, Kasauli, Parwanoo, and other hill stations are close by, making the city an excellent destination for mountain lovers to dwell.

Affordability: The cost of living is quite affordable compared to most large Indian cities. Even though rent is expensive.


Chandigarh is a fantastic location if you’re seeking a place to live in India for an extended amount of time. It is a retreat from the bustle, clamor, and stress of Indian daily life.

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