10 Recommended User-friendly Logo Makers

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Logo design is one of the must-do steps to forming a brand. Take your brand to the next level right from the get-go through these ten best free logo design websites today.

Best 10 online logo makers


DesignEvo is a professional design tool that has been used and appreciated by many users. Please visit the website to discover the many unique features of DesignEvo right now. Without any other help, only with DesignEvo, you can design a professional logo for your brand.

With the vast amount of templates and the outstanding features of this platform, you will have a quality logo in minutes. Try to experience DesignEvo to know how technology development will bring users unexpected utilities.


LogoGarden is the website with the most stable user traffic in design. This website offers free logo design services with a huge library of images and effects. With just a few simple drag and drop operations, you can create your brand a unique logo on the market.

This website will present several choices related to your brand and ideas through your initial selections. In particular, LogoGarden provides a brilliant suggestion feature. That contributes to creating a more unique and creative logo if you are out of ideas.


Zyro is a professional logo design tool that helps users quickly create a unique logo without any design expertise or qualifications. This is a free logo design website used by many small businesses and individual users because it has a simple and user-friendly interface.

With Zyro, you’ll have plenty of choices and inspiration from the built-in library. Try your creativity with hundreds of unique images, colors, fonts, effects, styles from Zyro.


Most professional graphics software works in its way and is quite difficult for beginners. Therefore, if you want to design your store a unique logo to your liking, try the Cool Text website. This is a free online designer suitable for amateur users.

Professional and easy to use are the undeniable advantages of this website. CoolText service is entirely free, and you just need to log in to your account and try all the services provided on this website.

However, the created logo image is only stored for an hour, so you need to pay attention to downloading the logo to your computer or clicking on the Get HTML Code link to get the image address and embed it anywhere you want.


Namecheap is a straightforward logo creation website. In less than 3 minutes, you have a logo according to your wishes. Like other logo design websites, Namecheap also allows you to enter your company name, slogan, select icon, business line, color, and font. In just a few simple steps, you have a beautiful logo in no time.


It can be said that FreeLogoServices is the best logo design website today when it offers a good experience for many different users. You immediately have hundreds of suitable logo design suggestions with a straightforward operation on Free Logo Services. Besides, the Free Logo Services website also provides you with professional tools to help you better identify your brand on online platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, etc.


Flaming text is a prominent tool in the design field because it can bring users outstanding products in their style. It could be an excellent selection if you want to design a text-based logo.


Since its launch, Squarespace has received a lot of appreciation from users because it is a multi-use design platform suitable for all users, from amateurs to professionals.

You need to visit the website and follow the instructions to turn the available data into an impressive logo. Squarespace has a simple interface, works smoothly on many different platforms, so you can rest assured to use it anytime – anywhere.


With TailorBrands, an inexperienced amateur can create a professional logo just as much as a designer. This website is considered an AI design tool simplified version. TailorBrands provides users with many options such as:

  • Create a brand new logo;
  • Design a logo based on the available suggestions;
  • Change the color, size, font, etc. as you like;
  • Design a logo with many different versions to test before deciding on the final version;
  • Save in multiple formats;
  • Share quickly.


Another free logo design website in the top 10 is Visme. This utterly free logo creation website allows users to freely manipulate and edit in many different styles.

In particular, Visme also can save itself to increase safety when encountering unexpected problems during the design process.


All the free logo design websites above are perfect for helping you create the soul for your brand. These helpful could be your good logo solution.

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