Top 5 Food Delivery Apps for the US in 2022

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Gone are the days when we had to rush to the restaurants, just to place an order for our favorite meal, and to be left on hold by some erratic staff members for eternity. Thankfully, things have changed now. These days, we can easily enjoy our favorite restaurant meal at home without even stepping a foot out – all thanks to food delivery apps.

Only with a few taps on your smartphone, food delivery apps will deliver whatever cuisine you want, right at your door! All you gotta do is just log in, scroll through the food list, and place your order – that’s it.

Below, we have come up with our top five picks of food delivery apps in the United States for iOS and Android. Let’s get started!

  1. Uber Eats

Just like its on-demand taxi booking app, Uber is pretty good at running its food delivery app too. Currently, Uber Eats is ranked among the most popular, and top-favorite food delivery apps in the United States. It features a complete overview, pricing details, and menu of different local restaurants and food outlets in the city so that you can enjoy your favorite meals at home easily.

According to a survey conducted in 2021, UberEats is offering its services in more than five hundred cities and is spread across more than 24 countries in the world. Sounds surprising, right?

Currently, UberEats has around 100M+ users on Google Play Store and 50M+ million users on the iOS store. The best part is that the brand is taking good care of its customers in the pandemic too – it has the most effective measures to protect its staff and customers from the deadly infectious virus.

  1. GrubHub

GrubHub is another popular, and one of the most widely used food delivery apps in the US. Currently, it has around 20 million active users and 115,000 associated restaurants that are delivering in different parts of the country. Due to its brilliant service efficiency and huge customer base, it has 10 million + active installs on Google Play.

Interestingly, the brand came up with grand merger news in 2013, which was done between GrubHub and Seamless Food Delivery App. So, now it is available in more than three thousand cities across the USA and London and has approximately 7 million iOS store users and 10+ million Play Store users.

The best part is that the app also offers exclusive corporate plans for business usage of the food delivery app.

However, you need to remember that GrubHub is an online food delivery platform – so, make sure that you connect to a fast, and high-coverage internet connection like Grande Internet before accessing the app. It will allow you to enjoy faster loading times and avoid excessive network congestion.

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  1. Seamless

Seamless is ranked among the top-favorite food delivery apps in the US. Founded in 1999 as a random food ordering website, today Seamless has become a giant food delivery hub with 1+ million active users on Google Play Store and 700k+ users on Apple Store.

Although its headquarters are located in New York City, USA, still the brand provides food delivery and takeout to more than six hundred cities. Sounds huge, right?

In addition to its wide range of restaurant options and fast delivery timings, Seamless is also famous for taking the best delivery precautions for COVID-19.

  1. Postmates

Founded as an on-demand delivery platform and a logistics site, Postmates has now gotten neck-deep in the food industry too – it offers a high-end food delivery app to more than 4000 cities in the US.

Postmates stands out in the market due to its timely deliveries and easy-to-use features – it makes it an absolute hit among users. Currently, Postmates has more than 5 million users on the Apple iOS store and around 10 million users on Google Play Store.

Recently, Uber has acquired Postmates for a whopping $2.65 billion. So, it would be safe for us to say that Uber has successfully removed a major competitor in the market and put itself on a more prosperous, and clearer path to profitability.

  1. DoorDash

DoorDash is another popular, US-Based on-demand food service provider – it works by connecting restaurants and food delivery apps together.

DoorDash is a community-driven, local delivery powerhouse. Launched in 2013 as a random startup, today DoorDash is considered one of the most prominent food networks in the United States. Recently, it overtook UberEats in terms of industry share and valuation – its market value is about $16 billion at the moment.

Currently, DoorDash is offering its food delivery services to around 800 cities in the US. The brand also introduced an exclusive contactless delivery during the pandemic to protect both their staff members, as well as clients to experience a safe delivery.

DoorDash has around 8.9 million users on Apple Store, and 10M+ users on the Google Play Store, which obviously makes it one of the most popular apps in America.


We hope you enjoyed reading about the features and specifications of the best food delivery apps in the US. Do let us know in the comments below if we have missed out on any of your favorite food delivery apps in the list.

Finally, do not forget that all of the above-mentioned apps need stable internet connectivity to get downloaded from the Play Store. So, just ensure that you are connected to a high-speed internet connection like Grande internet. It would help you enjoy the prompt installation of your favorite food delivery app.

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