Five Reasons to Get an Almanac This Year

If you are thinking about your birthday or Christmas wish list, I totally understand that most people’s first thought is not to go “I want an almanac!”  However, I think they are a useful tool that we can get a lot out of if we know how to use them.  If that makes you curious, make sure you follow along – I will go over five surprising reasons you might want to get one!

Now, if you are curious, the story of the almanac dates back several hundred years – potentially even thousands.  You can find some information on it here,, but do keep in mind that it falls more in line with folklore than reality at this point.  The real usefulness of them goes beyond some sort of predictions for the future as we can see in the tale of the Old Farmer’s almanac.

One: It Serves as a Calendar

Something that I find especially useful about them it their function as a calendar.  It probably sounds a bit obvious that something with dates works that way, but they list holidays and important astrological events, too!  Depending on what kind you decide to go with, they might list different events or dates to remember.

For that reason, it is a good idea to consider where you are sourcing yours.  Do not be afraid to ask for a preview or flip through them if you are shopping in person.  That being said, I think that going online is usually the way to go these days.  Most retailers will offer previews even in e-commerce contexts so that you know what you are getting!

Two: It Serves as a Time Capsule for the Year

Depending on what year your almanac calendar is for, there are several possibilities regarding what data is tracked.  No matter what, though, it will give you some valuable insights on current data, statistics, and even fun facts throughout that year.  Whether you are curious about astronomy, astrology, or even climate trends, these books will have some valuable information for you.

If you are someone who is interested in history like I am, this is an awesome feature of them.  Getting to learn about this information is super cool.  Even seeing how it was recorded in different ways than we do today can give us so many insights into how people in different times thought, be it what they found important or even the number systems they used.

Three: They Serve as Reference Books

Now, this point might seem a bit strange.  I know I have always wondered why these books can be found in the “reference” section in many bookstores or other shops.  Sure, they let us check on the date, but what else do they have to offer?

You might be surprised to learn that there is a lot else!  For example, in some editions there have been articles written by Albert Einstein to commemorate him.  They provide advice on a variety of different topics, even county fairs.  If that sounds appealing to you, I recommend you at least check them out.

I understand if they do not seem particularly useful or relevant, but some of the updated editions have things far more helpful for today.  You can learn more about that on this page, if you are curious about some of the more modern information in them.  

Four: They are a Part of Our History

Now, I recognize that this sounds cheesy.  I also know that it is not something that everyone cares about.  However, I think it is amazing to be able to hold a modern almanac and know the rich history behind them.  In that moment, I am sharing that document with centuries of humanity before me.

Even the Ancient Greeks used them.  I know – we hear about them all of the time, so it probably is not shocking that they were among the first to create a sort of proto-typical almanac.  Still, it is fascinating to think about.  Something to keep in mind is that we can still enjoy the predictions from previous years, even if they did not turn out to be accurate.  

Five: They are a Lot of Fun!

While the first adjective that you think of for one might not be “fun,” I will explain why you may end up changing your mind!  I think the key to this in how much information is jam packed into each edition.  There are so many uses, it is hard not to find something to enjoy.

An interesting example of this is storm chasing.  Did you know that many storm chasers actually utilize almanacs in their hunts?  Talk about exhilarating once they finally find one, all thanks to the climate predictions found within these pages!

While not everyone believes in astrology, I do think it is worth mentioning here.  You see, an almanac can provide a lot of guidance as far as the phases of the moon go.  That can help with not only sun signs, but moon signs and further charting as well.  Did you know that there are even lawyers who try to consult the phases of the moon in making defenses for their clients?  Well, now you do!

The final use I will touch upon here is pest control.  Listed in some of the weirdest uses for an almanac, it remains relevant still.  I certainly want to know more ways to keep away pests like ants or fruit flies, for instance.  Of course, rodents are another one that they tackle in detail, so if you are having those issues, consider consulting an almanac.

For anyone not convinced yet, I understand – it does seem strange to think so highly of them.  Part of it for me is that I prefer to have a lot of organization in my life.  However, it can be difficult with the same old boring calendars.  So, I use these types instead to spice things up for myself and keep my brain engaged.

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