12 Disruptors Playlist: The Mix for the ‘Morrow of Medicine

  • The Mix for the ‘Morrow of Medicine

12 Disruptors Playlist: The Mix for the ‘Morrow of Medicine

The Mix for the ‘Morrow of Medicine

A playlist for healthcare transformation

Compiled by Steve Klasko

Wasn’t Born To Follow (The Byrds)
The competitive, autonomy, and hierarchy selection and education biases for physicians impede their chance to lead – and to follow.

Who’s Gonna Take the Blame (Smokey Robinson & the Miracles)
Healthcare transformation has been impeded by the fact that all the involved stakeholders have found someone else to blame.

Time Has Come Today (Chambers Brothers)
Because we must create a new model for healthcare that mirrors the consumer revolution in other industries.

More and More (Blood Sweat and Tears)
An anthem to the dying fee-for-service model where doing more (not better) was rewarded irregardless of outcomes.

Physical (Olivia Newton John)
Because eighty percent of a person’s health is not based on doctors and drugs, but environmental factors such as nutrition and exercise.

The Air That I Breathe (Hollies)
For the same reason.

Eat a Peach (Allman Brothers Band)
See Lets Get Physical and The Air That I Breathe.

With a Little Help From My Friends (Joe Cocker)
Because healthcare is moving to a team sport and physicians need to learn to be part of high powered teams.

They Will Not Die (Medicine)
Because in the United States, healthcare has not dealt consistently with end of life issues.

I Feel Good (James Brown)
Because that’s what its all about…access to quality healthcare and a fulfilling healthy life.